Yorkshire Heart is a small family run Vineyard & Brewery based in Nun Monkton an idyllic village between Harrogate & York along the A59.

Here at Yorkshire Heart we focus on producing quality easy drinking craft beers in cask and bottles from our modern micro brewery, as well as award winning fine English wines from our Vineyard & Winery.

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Welcome to Yorkshire Heart

Yorkshire Heart is a small family run Vineyard & Brewery based in Nun Monkton an idyllic village between Harrogate & York along the A59. Here at Yorkshire Heart we focus on producing quality easy drinking craft beers in cask and bottles from our modern micro brewery, as well as award winning fine English wines from our Vineyard & Winery.

The Vineyard

Yorkshire Heart vineyard was born from a love of making wine from the fruits found in hedgerows and gardens and a passion for growing plants.

In the early part of 2000 we planted 35 vines in our garden at Green Hammerton, 5 years later we had made our first official wine [to be called wine it has to be made from grapes], this inspired us to look at the possibility of planting on a commercial basis.

After consultancy about site, climate and soil testing, the 7 acres field was selected as having most potential. 2006 saw the very first 1000 vines planted, followed by 1000 to 3000 vines planted each April for the next 5 years bringing the total number to 12,500 which has filled the site. We are growing 17 varieties to find out which are most suited to our climate and topography, also which will make the best quality and flavoured wines

It has been slow but wonderful process. We envisaged planting one acre, then after that thought why not plant another acre, then another two, and soon we had seven acres of beautiful vines . So when the opportunity came to buy more land we went for it, and this May we planted a further three acres bringing our total up to 10 acres of land growing 17,000 vines

The vast majority of our original vineyard are hybrid grapes that have been bred for northern Europe which is one of the reasons we are making good wine. Also we now have more modern equipment. We didn’t need wine making equipment for the first two years, so the initial investment was the vines and trellising. Bit by bit we bought what we needed, and we have now replaced our original equipment, the vines are more mature and the grapes have more flavour. At the very start we were always confident that the vines would grow, we were 90 per cent confident the fruit would ripen, and after that it was down to our ability or inability to make wine from it.

The Yorkshire Heart winery now proudly produces three white wines, three red wines, a rose wine as well as our sparkling white and sparkling rose

Our 2013 vintage has won us the title of Wine Maker of the Year, also received awards for Best sparkling wine, Best northern wine and Best label, as well as winning Best wine from another vintage which we are absolutely thrilled with, especially since we only started producing wine commercially 3 years ago, we have gone from producing 3000 bottles of wine 2 years ago to 10,000 last year and are hoping this year’s grapes will produce even more quality wine for us to sell next year

This year has seen further growth at the vineyard, with an adjoining field planted with 1000 Rondo for Red and Rosé wines,1,500 Ortega for quality white wine and 2000 Seyval Blanc for the gold award winning English sparkling wine. And If winemaking isn’t enough we have started a cider orchard which is a mixture of desert, cooking and cider trees.

All the vines and fruit trees will come into production 2017

The Brewery

We first opened our brewery doors at Yorkshire Heart in 2011. Following the success of our vineyard and winery we decided to look at expanding our business further & the link between making our own award winning English wines & brewing our own quality craft beers seemed a sensible and very exciting option as we do like our beer! It all happened faster than initially planned due to the right 5 barrel brew plant becoming available to buy at the right time so we thought “why not, let’s go for it!!”

We are passionate about producing honest, quality easy drinking craft beers to the highest possible standards which is why we brew all our beers on site using only top quality malts and hops, and water from our own natural spring which helps give our beers their unique Yorkshire taste to perfectly compliment the rich heritage of local produce and foods we are so lucky to have around the area.

The brewery is based at Carlton Farm just a hop and a skip away from the vineyard in the idyllic village of Nun Monkton between Harrogate & York. We are a small family run business with son Tim as Head Brewer and running the brewery on a day to day basis. Tim has worked hard over the past few years which has been all worthwhile as Yorkshire Heart Brewery grew quickly from its modest initial proposal in to the efficient modern brew house developed over two floors that it is today, since 2013 we have had a range of 6 core beers which are always available in cask, poly-pins & bottles and our ‘Heartger’ lager which is available in bottles only. In addition to these we have regular seasonal beers and also brew beers for special occasions such as bonfire night, Halloween, Christmas and even Valentines night.

Our beers are enjoyed in pubs all across Yorkshire and we are receiving fantastic feedback from everyone that has tried them which really makes us feel proud!

Yorkshire Heart brewery can be spotted regularly at local beer festivals & farmers markets and we enjoy hosting meet the brewer evenings at pubs & restaurants when our customers require.

Yorkshire Heart are now looking to the future of even more increased sales now our beers are available to buy online as well. We have even planted our cider orchard in May 2014 and look forward to making our first cider product


Venue Hire

Providing you with an idyllic and unique rural location to host your own special celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, christening or wedding here at Yorkshire Heart we are committed to making your event special. What could be better than holding your event on our green settings surrounded by our beautiful vines with some excellent opportunities for some fantastic photographs of your special day. We have different packages available, whether you would like to just hire the venue or take the opportunity of being able to include our fantastic home grown English wines and cask ales to your package also, please see the Venue Hire & Events page for more information.

Tours & Tastings

With 10 acres of fantastic views of vines and natural beauty it’s not suprising that Yorkshire Heart’s tours and tastings have become very popular with different groups and organisations as well as a special parties & hen days out.

We offer tours for up to 50 people which can include a tour of the brewery as well as the vineyard, special evenings in the vineyard or even just a tasting if the weather turns against you.

We recommend between May & September as the best time to visit as at this time of year there is plenty to see i.e. the difference in the growth patterns of the vines (we have 17 varieties) and weather is more favourable (hopefully!) although we can organise tours and tastings outside of these times as well.

Please see our tours & tastings page for more information