Yorkshire Heart Brewery

The Yorkshire Heart brewery was established in 2011 & is located just up the road from the Vineyard, the brewery is a 5 barrel plant with its own bottling line & is run by Chris & Gillians son Tim. The brewery has grown from strength to strength over the years with a fantastic team behind it who are passionate about producing quality easy drinking craft beers using only the best malts & hops from reputable suppliers & water from our very own natural spring which helps give our beers their own unique Yorkshire flavour! All of our beers are available to purchase in Cask, Polypins & Bottles.

Our Core Range

Lightheart Pale Ale 3.3%

Pale Golden Ale with hints of Spice. A great session Ale.

Darkheart Mild 4.0%

Roasted Coffee colour with smooth, rich treacle flavours. A proper smooth, enjoyable Mild!

Off The Wheaten Path 3.5%

Pale Golden session ale that just happens to be gluten free!

JRT Golden Best 4.2%

Dark Gold Beer with caramel & citrus. In memory of Tim’s late Grandfather ‘James Rodney Throup’

Hearty Bitter 3.7%

Chestnut Brown Ale with bitter toffee flavours. Classic Yorkshire Bitter!

Blackheart Stout 4.8%

Strong Dark in colour with roasted coffee & molasses flavours. A full bodied Yorkshire Stout!

Silverheart IPA 4.0%

Light Amber IPA with spice, lemon & citrus flavours. Our best selling beer!

Platinum EPA/ Liberty 5.0%

Pale Straw colour with zesty, spicy flavours. Our Extra Pale Ale in cask & unique bottled lager

Current Specials

Rhubarbeer 3.7%

Dark in colour with delicious fruity rhubarb flavours. We love living near the Rhubarb triangle!

Two Timmys 3.9%

Oatmeal Pale Ale with hints of hops & spice. Meet our 'Two Timmys' they loce a beer or 3!

Pedal Pusher 5.0%

 Pale straw in colour with zesty spicy flavours. Brewed especially for Yorkshire Cyclists!

Hearty Blonde 3.8%

Blonde in colour with hoppy citrus flavours. Blondes always have more fun!

The North Remembers 4.0%

Fantastic Pale Ale with lemon & citrus flavours. 1st in our GoT themed series

Mollys Chocolate Stout 7.0%

Double Chocolate full bodied Stout, Look at that puppy!

Beyond The Wall 3.8%

4th in the GoT range, a refreshing pale ale with fruity hints on the nose and subtle hoppy fruity flavours .

Get Pithed 4.2%

Golden Ale with citrus orange flavours. Who wants to ‘Get Pithed?’

Strawberry Blonde 3.8%

Blonde in colour with German and US Hops. A citrus flavour that gives way to soft strawberry notes,

The Red Wedding 4.9%

Amber Ale with caramel & toffee flavours. 3rd in our GoT themed series!


Please Contact Us To Check Availability On The Specials.

All Beers Available to order in 9g Cask or 4.5g Pins plus 500ml bottles!

Our beers are also available to order through SIBA Beerflex!